Moss killer/not dog harm

Asked June 23, 2020, 11:03 PM EDT

What product can I use to kill moss in a lawn without harm to my dog?

Thurston County Washington

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The best time to treat moss is when it's actively growing, in March/April. However, moss grows in areas with nutrient deficient soil fertility, shade, places where the soil been compacted by walking or driving, but mostly by near-constant wet conditions. Now that the weather is drying out, the moss will dry out, too. This would be an ideal time to take measure to improve drainage in the area. You can try to thatch the area, rake up the dry moss, throw down some grass seed, and fertilize. Ultimately, the moss is growing there because conditions are right for it. If you change the above conditions, that will take care of the problem. Let the sunshine in, if possible--trim branches back for better light exposure.

Just keep in mind--if you don't mitigate the wet soil for most of the year by improving drainage, the moss will come back because the soggy conditions from Oct-June will suffocate the grass roots. For more info see:
Hope this helps!