grass-weed identification help

Asked June 23, 2020, 8:25 PM EDT

Hello, trying to identify and subsequently remove this greenery from my new yard -- I go between thinking it's a reed canary grass, to a sedge to a.....I give up....any help is appreciated. As pictured, the form of this grass remains the same despite the size/maturity to this point....

Harford County Maryland

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Grass ID can indeed be challenging, and features not visible in the photos (ligules, seed heads, etc.) are needed to help distinguish different species. It generally resembles Orchardgrass, but we are not certain. It does not appear to be a Sedge (which have 3-sided and often rigid stems), nor Reed Canary Grass. More information and control options are given here:

Here are some other common grassy weeds (in lawn or garden beds) you can compare these with:


Thank you for the response - you have identified or gotten me very close to ID'ing this pain - it does seem very similar to Orchard and now the further I look, Barnyard - they are nearly identical yet I'm seeing that Orchard cannot be killed by selective herbicides whereas Barnyard can...fingers crossed...

Barnyard grass is not a typical lawn weed. It has a similar life cycle as crabgrass. Information about it does mention that applying a preemergent in early spring would help prevent it from germinating. Maintaining a dense healthy stand of grass and mowing your lawn to a height of 3-4 inches would also help to prevent this weed. Scroll down to the bottom of the following links for some good id photos of barnyard grass, and orchardgrass,