dead shrubs and bushes

Asked June 23, 2020, 3:57 PM EDT

Last summer I have hired A&A Lawncare & Landscaping company for my lawn care. They did 6 applications of chemicals over the spring, summer and earlier fall. In late November-December I started noticing that several evergreen shrubs were becoming yellow and by the spring they were dried out completely as well as 10 other burning bushes which were in the hedge at the perimeter of my backyard. I started to call to the company in April with the complains on their treatment and have asked to fix their damages to my backyard (I estimated total loss for all established 15 years old arborvitaes and burning bushes was at least $960 ) but this company refused to help me in replacing these dead shrubs and bushes and their manager stated that they did everything correct. I sincerely believe that they applied too much or the wrong (maybe in the wrong way also) chemicals and their chemical application in fact killed a lot of my evergreen shrubs and bushes (they have been growing without any problems for 15 years and just suddenly died ? - this is really odd). I was told that I have to notify your office about that wrong doing by A&A Lawncare & Landscaping company. Also could you tell me - do I have to a right to submit a claim for the loss/damage compensation from this company to the court ? Should I first consult with the arbor culture specialist from your or other department? Sincerely, Larissa Ponomareva, PhD in Biochemistry, UK College of Pharmacy

Boone County Kentucky

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We need to send samples of your shrubs to the diagnostic lab for analysis. Please contact me ASAP so we can do this. 859-586-6101 David K.