moles in the vegetable garden

Asked June 23, 2020, 3:05 PM EDT

I live just outside Eugene on a small sheep farm and every year I battle a mole in my vegetable garden. I try to trap them with spring type traps and have been successful but it is lots of work getting them set just so. Don't want to use poison because of the other wildlife. Seems every year I start out without them but they seem to migrate to my garden just as the weather gets dryer. I haven't seen any evidence of them around our place during other times of the year. Of course they could be hiding in woods not far away. Question is is there anything to repel them from moving into my garden? Do the sonic repellants work? Any other suggestions?

Lane County Oregon

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There is a chapter on Moles in the "Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage". Check it out for some ideas on controlling or keeping Moles out of your garden. This is the link:

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