Feeding; enhancing; Coastal wild birds Blocking & trapping Starlings House Sparrows & Pidgeons.

Asked June 23, 2020, 2:56 PM EDT

So do you have bulletins on the above; Particularly Feeders and documentation of the damage the invaders do. And how to avoid confusing Sparrows w/native finches ect.

Lincoln County Oregon

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We have a bulletin on feeding birds that you can download https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/ec1554 and I highly recommend Cornell's Lab of Ornithology "All about Birds" site for excellent species ID, natural history, and related articles. For example, the have one on invasive sparrows and starlings https://nestwatch.org/learn/all-about-birdhouses/managing-house-sparrows-and-european-starlings/ another on common invaders seen at feedershttps://feederwatch.org/blog/alien-invasion-predicting-the-spread-of-invasive-bird-species/?__hstc=7... and you can do a search for "sparrows" at the main site https://www.allaboutbirds.org/news/search/?q=sparrows#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=sparrows&gsc.page=1 (make sure you hit the "See more birds" several times to unfold all the species' profiles. A good field guide, such as a National Geographic or Sibley's would be an excellent investment, because they have beautiful illustrations and call out the helpful field marks (things to look for in identifying).