Is it too late?

Asked June 23, 2020, 2:41 PM EDT

I’ve heard you are supposed to prune a forsythia right after it’s blooms are over. It’s been several months now but is it too late? I need to do a hard prune but don’t want to ruin next years blooms. Do I still have time (I’m in 20910). Or should I wait and do it next year immediately after it blooms? Thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland

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Earlier would have been ideal, but yes, you can still prune it back now. In another month's time, however, pruning would probably remove next year's flowers.


I regret not doing it earlier. But at this point which option is better...waiting until next Spring (after blooming) or doing it now?? Which is the better option to maximize future blooms? Thanks!

Timing may not matter between the two options now, but if you want to be completely sure it's not too late, wait until late next spring.