New mystery plant popping up in Detroit area

Asked June 23, 2020, 1:30 PM EDT

I first saw this plan in a flower bed at my home in 2019 same time last year. There was just one plant at that time and I thought it was a leftover ornamental. This year, I've pulled about 30 from all over my yard and flower beds (I live in Grosse Pointe City). I was at work and noticed an infestation of the exact same plants at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. No idea what these are, but alarmed at fact that I've never seen them now seems I see them everywhere I look.

Wayne County Michigan

1 Response

This is Broad-leafed Helleborine, an invasive orchid. It has been gaining ground over the past few seasons, and is visible more and more. Here is an article about the plant and control measures.