tree disease

Asked June 23, 2020, 11:55 AM EDT

I have a silver maple that is in trouble. Its leaves are small, have been turning black, and are falling off. This has been happening since they appeared this spring. For the last couple of years the leaves had black spots but those appeared later in the season. Is there anything that can be done to remedy the problem? Thanks for your help!

Kent County Michigan

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Your maple tree appears to be infected with a fungal disease called Anthracnose. This disease is quite prevelant this spring. In general, this fungus appears in wet seasons when leaves are newly emerging. Older established maples are less affected than newly-planted ones. Generally, fungicides are not recommended, and there is not a lot to be done other than try to rake up the fallen leaves to remove as many fungal spores as possible so they don't overwinter into next spring.

The information in the link will give you information on this disease: