Trimming Shademaster locust tree

Asked June 23, 2020, 10:42 AM EDT

Our tree has had explosive growth, the lower branches are touching the ground and other branches are beginning to reach sidewalk, soon to be hanging over walkers heads. It’s nearly the end June should we trim now or wait to best time of year? When is best time of year?

Monroe County Michigan

1 Response

The best time of year to prune a locust tree is generally in late fall or early spring when the leaves are no longer on the tree. That being said, you could lightly prune to shape now without hurting the tree. I would probably prune the branches hanging down where people walk and you might prune the lower branches if they are smaller. Then come back in fall to prune more seriously. Below are a couple links to web sites with pruning instructions which you may find helpful.

Hope that helps!