Please help on Arborvitae-is this blight, miners, or something else?

Asked June 23, 2020, 10:07 AM EDT

I have 10 Hetz Wintergreen Arborvitae spaced 6 ft apart as a hedge. One of them started to get sick this spring and I applied MirAcid and BioAdvanced 3 in 1 (two total applications, last application 2-3 weeks ago). I am considering to try Bonide Fung-onil to see if it helps as I cannot tell if it's a miner, mite, or blight problem. I've attached a few close up pictures of the leaves. The signs start on the lower third of the tree and eventually makes the entire plant lose its dark green color (more yellow green). I have 2 others now that have recently started showing the symptoms I had from the first one in late April. Any thoughts?

Carver County Minnesota

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oWhat you are describing is not typical of arborvitae symptoms. I cannot enlarge the photos enough to see if there is scale but that probably is not the problem. There is new green growth beyond the dead needles. As you have so many plants, that is a major investment. Contact a certified arborist and have them make an on site visit for diagnosis and remedies. Go to this web site and click on Find An Arborist. Once your location information is put in a list of certified arborists in your area will appear.

Thank you for taking the time at least to look! I have reached out to Kris Baumann in my area via email to hopefully schedule that visit.