Lilac fungi

Asked June 22, 2020, 4:40 PM EDT

I have a masive lilac in front yard, this spring i noticed sum mushrooms growing on the base of sum of the branches. I cut them away and applied a fungicide it was affecting one other tree for which i did the same. The second affected tree is not have any more but the lilac is not doing so well. How do i identify and save the lilac?

Fairbanks North Star Borough Alaska

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I recommend pruning back the affected area. It looks like there may be too much soil around the base of the tree. There should be a visible flare (wider) spot at the base that is above the soil. Having too much soil can lead to fungal issues. Lilacs are tough so pruning affected areas out shouldn't cause too much harm. You should clean the sheers in between cuts to not spread the fungus, and pruning is best done when trees and shrubs are dormant. This publication by State Forestry has lots of good information on pruning.