White spots in my raspberries

Asked June 22, 2020, 3:39 PM EDT

I have lots of white spots and something on the outside that look like antennas on my red raspberries. I don’t see anything moving. What are they and are the raspberries ok to eat? They taste fine. Thanks

Clackamas County Oregon

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Thank you for the images.

I think that what appear to be little "antennas" on the fruits are normal remnants of the flower, more specifically the female stigmas. (See attached image.)

Similarly, the white spots are also floral remnants.

Thank you for the information. Don't know why I haven't noticed this in past years, maybe I just looked at the berries more closely this year.
I harvested enough today to make 2 batches of freezer jam, my favorite.

Another question, will I get berries next year if I cut all the plants down at the end of harvest? I generally cut down the plants that have had berries on them and leave the new shoots, but I always seem to miss some.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Due to COVID-19, everyone has more time on their hands this year than ever before, so very much time that they're "seeing" many things that they never noticed previously. You have lots of company!

The general guideline is to cut down the stems which have already fruited.

"Growing Raspberries in Your Home Garden" may prove useful to you. (https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/ec1306/html)