persistent indoor bugs

Asked June 22, 2020, 3:11 PM EDT

The infestation is currently limited to single room. the insects are the size of "sugar ants," but jump about 1-2" when disturbed. No apparent wings. They have made tracks like termites through a number of cardboard boxes. There are hundreds of these pests and they reappear within hours of being swept-up. While an insecticide kills the immediate hundreds, it has no lasting deterrence. Please help identify this insect and possibly suggest resolution. Thank you

Sussex County Delaware

1 Response

Do you have pets (fleas possibly, but probably not likely)? Without seeing the insect, it is difficult to make an identification. Guesses (and these are completely total guesses since nothing has been provided to help us figure out what you have) are as follows: collembola (springtails), silverfish, dermestids, or one of the grain beetles/cigarette beetles. Please attempt to take a picture of all these dead insects and resubmit with a close picture that is in focus. Another option would be to send a sample to the University of Delaware plant diagnostic clinic and they might be able to help ( Unfortunately, since it is not associated with plant issues as far as you or we know currently, it may take slightly longer to find an identification. The university is on limited staff due to current restrictions because of the virus. The website should have sufficient instructions for sample submission or provide contact information for your county (Carvel Education and Research Center). All locations are staff limited at this time.