what is this plant?

Asked June 22, 2020, 9:16 AM EDT

This plant keeps growing in the middle of some hostas I have in my backyard. I tried an app to identify it and it says it is the Oregon ash tree? I want to confirm if that is correct .

Oakland County Michigan

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Sorry, when I magnify your picture it is too blurry to tell. If you would cut off a main branch and lay it on a plain background, then photo it, I may be able to tell.

It does have some attributes of ash tree- opposite arrangement and compound leaves. Here are references to compare-



I will watch for your picture.

Sorry about the blurred image. Attaching a couple of close ups - hope this is better.
Thank you so much for answering.

Thanks for the additional pictures. Your first pictures is of a single leaflet, a part of the compound leaf. The 7 leaflet picture is of one complete, compound leaf. What we normally think of as leaves on a compound leaf are called ‘leaflets’.

This appears to be Fraxinus pennsylvanica. Green Ash.

Here is a reference for you-


Because Emerald Ash Borer insects kill these trees as they reach 2 inch diameter or more in trunk size, they are no longer recommended for planting here in Michigan. Birds and other wildlife still distribute seeds from wild sites, and they sprout in our gardens.