No butterflies

Asked June 22, 2020, 6:56 AM EDT

No butterflies yet? Last year had many - none so far and not many bees I plant my garden for them

New Castle County Delaware

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If you are concerned about monarchs, it is just about time for them to show up here in Delaware. They time their arrival to the blooming of milkweed. The monarch spring arrivals stop and reproduce in our southern states. Then they die there, and it is their offspring that continue north. (This is different from the fall migration in which the same individual does the whole trip.)

I assume you don't use insecticides, but your neighbors may, so that could be a factor. However, I think you will find that the time of greatest butterfly activity is in the heat of summer, so it is still ahead of us. Swallowtails, for example, will lay eggs here. After the eggs hatch and the caterpillars pupate, we will see many more individuals.

Keep the faith. I think butterfly season is just about upon us! And thank you for being concerned. If more folks think about bees and butterflies in their gardening, we will have a healthier planet.

Thank you- I have several milkweed plants, lantana, coneflowers and tick weed for hungry visitors . A grand buffet!