Animal scat....???

Asked June 21, 2020, 4:54 PM EDT

Every night some animal leaves behind these grass balls of scat... See pics
Inside my Sandhill Crane feeders of four grain seed..??!!!

Duval County Florida

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This is a tough one. Have you picked one apart? Could they be bagworm larvae?

Is the feeder normally on the ground (as shown) or is it normally hanging?

The feeders are on the ground.
Everyday I fill them w seed in the morning and these grass balls are there, seed is gone.
It has been raining here, but I opened it up and appears just grass and seed shells....see pic...thanx

This is a tough ID. I asked several other wildlife biologists and here are some things I think they are not:

  • scat of squirrels, flying squirrels, opossums, skunks, raccoons, or deer
  • bagworms (since there were no larvae)
  • owl pellets (no animal parts, too many in one place)
A few people suggested they could be pellets cast by crows or other corvid birds (e.g. Blue Jays). I didn't know this before, but corvids cast pellets that are similar to owl pellets. American Crow pellets are about 15 mm long and 7 mm wide that contain indigestible, sclerotized parts of insects, chaff, pits, bones, and eggshells, usually 4–8 h after food is eaten. Do you often see crows or jays around your feeders, or do they roost in the trees above at night? And, you remove these every day and there are usually a similar number around the next day?

More here:

Thanx so much for your, no crows.....I searched again last night and I'm pretty sure it looks ,very similiar, to Marsh rabbit ,Hare,...see pic
I am going to put a camera up...thanks again

It's hard to tell the size from the photo, but rabbit scat are smaller than marbles, these seem bigger to me. The camera should help!