knockout rose pruning

Asked June 21, 2020, 1:10 PM EDT

I have a knockout rose that has greatly exceeded the size I expected, it is over 6 feet high and wide. I prune it every spring and it's done very well, but now it's gotten top heavy and seems like a needs a more severe pruning. I am wondering how drastic of a pruning I can do to this plant without harming it (seems like the general pruning limit for many plants is removing no more than one-third).

Harford County Maryland

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Usually knockout roses are cut back every year in late winter or early spring to approximately 24 inches. You can prune now and the rule of thumb is about 1/3. This will delay flowering till later in the season.


Thanks. So I'm assuming it's ok to cut the plant back in the late winter/spring to ~24 inches, even though I would be removing more than 1/3?