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Asked June 21, 2020, 12:39 PM EDT

Hello we have a small home garden and a NEW bunny. In the past we have attempted to vericompost using a food scrapes and grass clippings. This approach was not the best. We are going to give composting one more try but this time sowing directing in ground. 1.Question: Can we use/ should we use the soiled hay from our bunny in the garden? What concerns should we have if any? 2. Are you familiar with 'pick up'/ curbside composting? Thanks in advance.

Baltimore County Maryland

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Hi- rabbit manure is a good nutrient source but should be treated like any other farm animal manure because the pellets may contain human pathogens. The soiled hay should be composted prior to using it in the garden this year.

You can also safely incorporate fresh rabbit pellets and uncomposted bedding into the top 4-6 inches of garden topsoil in the fall. Pathogens are rendered harmless by the time of spring planting.
Yes, we are aware of small companies and non-profits in the DC-Baltimore region that pick up residential and commercial food scraps for composting. It's a great idea!