photinia leaf spot?

Asked June 21, 2020, 9:44 AM EDT

Hi, I want to verify if you think this is leaf spot of red leaf photinia? It showed up this spring on one very shaded plant that I pruned last season. It has spread lightly to the one next to it. I don't want to do chemical treatment. I read that pruning will encourage more susceptible new growth; should I just take up the dead leaves as much as possible? It is advisable to sacrifice one whole plant to save those next to it? Thank you.

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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Yes, this is photinia leaf spot (Entomosporium). This can be a yearly problem especially with the cool, wet spring weather we had. Sacrificing the one plant will not really protect the other. This is such a common disease in our area and since this is a commonly planted shrub there are plenty of fungal spores out there waiting to infect its host. Cleaning up the dead, fallen leaves helps only to a certain degree. The following is additional information from our website.