Balsam Fir problems

Asked June 20, 2020, 5:21 PM EDT

Our Balsam Fir trees (2 of 3 in same area) have issues (pics attached). Trees installed in 2013 when they were 16 - 18 feet tall. Hope we can treat/save them. Issue #1: Starting in 2019, upward growing clump growth shooting from a ball-shaped base on a branch in various areas of the trees. Clumps range from small mellon to beach ball in size. Issue #2: Several branch tips have withering, rolling, and discolored pine needles on new growth. Issue #3: Possible beetle similar size to lady bug (see photo).

Washington County Minnesota

1 Response

Thank you for writing. It is possible that this is the Balsam gall midge.
I have not seen anything quite like this.
I suggest that you have a qualified arborist look at these trees.
Alternatively you could ask the Washington County Extension office to take a look at your pictures or the site.