Tiny mushrooms growing

Asked June 20, 2020, 5:13 PM EDT

I have miracle gro vegetable soil on my raiders veggie gardens. Tons of tiny mushrooms are continually appearing. Is this detrimental to my vegetables????

Sussex County Delaware

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Thank you for your question regarding mushrooms in your garden. I too have been experiencing an increased quantity of mushrooms this year in my lawn and garden.

Traditionally, mushroom growth is associated with weather conditions. The moisture and rain we have been having this year are definitely a contributing factor. It might be wise to evaluate your watering schedule as well if the garden is being watered in a way other then the rain. Here is some information surrounding vegetable garden care including watering from the University of Maryland Extension https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/topics/caring-your-garden

Without an image, I am unable to identify the exact mushroom that you have growing but regardless, do not eat any mushrooms are there are numerous poisonous varieties. It is best to remove the mushrooms from your garden by hand and dispose of them. Remember to wash your hands as well after doing as such.

The University of New Hampshire Extension is out of our region 7 but has a great article surrounding this very issue - https://extension.unh.edu/blog/mushrooms-in-lawn

The University of Georgia also has some wonderful information which you might find helpful. https://ugaurbanag.com/controlling-mushrooms-and-other-fungi-in-the-landscape/