Young Burr Oak Tree with Sad Leaves

Asked June 20, 2020, 2:22 PM EDT

We planted a burr oak tree last fall. It started growing some nice leaves this spring but some of the leaves have begun to turn brown and slightly wilted. I included some photos to help illustrate the issue. We have not noticed any pests around the tree.

Burleigh County North Dakota

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Frost when budded.. Heat on young leaves and dry. If you google University of Minnesota extension and then search watering newly planted trees they have an exellent publication. It will help you determine the diameter of your tree and how much water it needs each week. if you believe there are other issues going on contact the city forester or county extension office for more help. Take a sample of damaged leaves to extension office, if necessary they an send sample to NDSU for analysis.

Thank you so much! This is really helpful!