Okra plant growing

Asked June 19, 2020, 8:09 PM EDT

Why are my Okra leaves yellowing and curling


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Yellowing of leaves, or chlorosis, is a tricky symptom since so many things can cause it. I don't see any signs of disease and suspect water management issues. Excess moisture in the pot can cause leaf yellowing. If you are growing in containers it is important that the medium in which you grow the plants drains well and that there is nothing in the bottom like rocks or landscape cloth that would prevent good drainage. Growing okra you want to ensure it has sufficient light and warmth to grow at a good rate. It does not tolerate cool temps or shade well. I am also a little concerned that there may be too many okra plants in this pot. They get very large which is part of what makes them a joy to grow. In a pot this size three okra plants may be crowded and top-heavy. I would thin the pot down to one plant apiece.