caterpillars on threads from pine trees

Asked June 19, 2020, 1:39 PM EDT

What are the caterpillars descending from trees in Montmorency County. If they are in a tent it must be up in the crown of tall pines and oaks for I cannot see it. There are no gypsy moth tents on bushes that I can see along any roadways. Length of one inch when extended, orange stripe along the center-line of the back shown here in my lousy photo. Jim MacArthur Lake Avalon Property Owners Association

Montmorency County Michigan

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That is a Gypsy moth caterpillar, probably around 1/2 grown. Gypsy moth caterpillars do not make silk tents or nests while in their feeding stages. The familiar tents in small trees are made by a native moth species called the eastern tent caterpillar.

Dr. Elsner, thanks.
We have heard that there will be a "seminar on caterpillars" on Wednesday of this week chaired by a faculty member from MSU, but we are confused...will it be in person at the Atlanta MI courthouse or on the internet?
Jim MacArthur

Sorry, I am not aware of the program.