Asked June 19, 2020, 10:30 AM EDT

I bought 4 young blueberry plants for zone 2 and 3. They came in 2 gallon containers. I bought 4 - 35 gallon COMMERCIAL CLOTH containers ( THEY ARE THICK AND WELL DRAINING CONTAINERS) to transplant each of them into. I just learned I need to gradually transplant them into 5 gallon, then 16 gallon to 20 gallon and so on. I am at a loss because I don't want to spend any more pots than I have to. Will they die if I go ahead with the 35 gallon ? And the area where they will be placed will be covered with snow about 36 inches deep. Will the snow insulate each plant adequately? What advise can you give me to prepare my blueberries for a harsh winter? How much Peat moss + how much potting soil + how much perlite to be mixed together ? Or other alternative, how much commercially bought compost + how much potting soil + how much perlite to be mixed together ? Please help!!! Thank you. My email address is:

Barnes County North Dakota

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I would try to do at least one step up. Say in the 15-20 gallon size for this summer. 36 inches of snow should insulate if you can garuntee it. An unheated space just above freezing would be an option. Use a good peat based potting mix. Blueberries are acid lovers, so use fertilizer for acid loving plants. Blueberries struggle in ND because our soil and water are too alkaline for their liking. I know people have tried them without much success. Haskaps are often planted instead of blueberries.
Good Luck