Chain saw fluid spilled on lawn

Asked June 19, 2020, 7:06 AM EDT

I have a persistent problem for the last 3 years where a company cutting down my ash tree left a chain saw on it's side and it spilled a large amount of oil/gas or bar oil on my lawn. I had dug down a foot or so and removed the contaminated soil and replaced with black dirt but little grass grows there. Anything I can do?

Carver County Minnesota

1 Response

It seems strange that after 3 years it is still a problem after you have removed soil. Maybe the replacement soil wasn't good. You could do a soil test to see if there is still some reason why the grass won't grow. If not then maybe your timing for reseeding hasn't been quite right. You could try again this fall. Now is not a good time. Early next spring would also work and you have to water regularly. Here is info about soil testing and reseeding.