liquid calcium

Asked June 18, 2020, 2:31 PM EDT

Does it really work as a lime replacement. Like the stuff agritech sells.If it does work how long does it last? thanks kent

Chippewa County Michigan

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Dear Kent -

Liquid calcium (or liquid lime) is a legitimate product. I wrote this article a few years ago about selecting a liming material, and included comments on liquid lime:

I looked over Agritech's promotional material, and it looks OK to me. Keep in mind that traditional ag lime application will result in a lot more lime applied, the impact will last longer (3 years or so, compared to 1 season for liquid lime), and is a lot cheaper when you compare the amount of lime applied per acre. It is probably true that the liquid works more effieciently, but when you compare the volume of regular ag lime applied, you usually still get much more lime activity with the bulk, dry ag lime.

I think of liquid lime as a 'quick fix' or emergency fix for soils needing quick raise in soil pH for a single season. It works, but you can accomplish the same thing with regular ag lime. Regular lime is less convenient. You need to have it hauled to your farm, get it spread and incorporated. The have is shipped to your farm or dealer for pickup, and can run it through a sprayer.

If you are treating a small area for a special purpose and hauling/spreading conventional ag lime is a barrier, then liquid may be a very good choice. For normal, large scale ag in Chippewa Co, it would not be economically feasible.