What is wrong with my lily

Asked June 18, 2020, 2:01 PM EDT

What is wrong with these lilies? I’m wondering why the flower stock is curling on them. Also there is a brown like bumpy streak on it. Thanks for looking and getting back to me! Cheryl

Renville County Minnesota

2 Responses

Cheryl, I haven't come up with anything yet, but I forwarded your pictures to a friend that has some 400 lilies (!) hoping that he may have seen this. I will get back to you when I hear from him.

For the time being I would remove and destroy the infected stalks.


My friend, also a Master Gardener, suggest that it could be a manifestation of leaf streak on the stems or something has attacked the roots. I see no evidence of leaf streaks in the photos. He suggests that you uncover some of the roots on the infected plants and look for bumps on the roots. The bumps indicate nematodes

let me know what you find.