Planting watermelon in containers

Asked June 17, 2020, 9:49 PM EDT

So this is how I transplanted them. Barely got them today,my question is leafs are for the sun can i move the watermelon to the back? Would it grow longer than i put it there? I can make it go to the floor as well. Also how long will it take to get fruit? How big are these watermelons going to be?

Hall County Nebraska

1 Response

The more sunlight the plants get, the more energy they are going to have for fruiting. Normally we say they need to be 'hardened off' for a couple of weeks before they should be put into full sun. Depending on the cultivar that you have selected, they might be better off to be allowed to vine down the side of the container. This is especially true if they are the larger, more vigorous vining watermelons. All plants have a 'days to harvest' associated with them, meaning how many days it will take before you can harvest the fruit. It depends on if we are looking at a smaller watermelon cultivar or a large watermelon cultivar but on average it will be between 65-90 days.