Asked June 17, 2020, 6:18 PM EDT

There are two woodchucks in my neighborhood that have discovered my garden and are proving to be an impressive opponents. My garden is fenced off from the rest of my yard with chicken wire buried about 4” deep except for sections that serve as gates. The bottom of the gate sections are covered with 12’ 2”x10” and bricks so critters could not get in from underneath. I have hammered 1' iron bars into the ground near the section of the fence where it has been burrowing to go between my garden and the neighbor’s yard. The bars were spaced so it was too small for the woodchucks to pass through but I’m sure it will dig until the bars are no longer an issue. A woodchuck somehow got in again and as of this morning I have readjusted the weights in front of the gates. So far, they have eaten most of my pea plants and moved on to the leaves of some of my flowers. It has been low activity since this morning but that may be due to the rain fall. How do I deter the woodchucks from their determination to get in my garden?

St. Mary's County Maryland

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Aw, that is frustrating.
Yes, groundhogs dig, but they also can climb. I remember being shocked when I first saw one up high in my peach tree feasting.
Here is our page on groundhogs, which suggests what may be done and when: