White specks on my contorted white pine tree

Asked June 17, 2020, 8:25 AM EDT

I recently noticed white specks on the trunk and branches/needles of my contorted white pine tree which I just planted a little over a year ago. Can you advise me what this might be and how to treat it. I contacted the landscape company where I purchased the tree and they thought it was a fungus and advised me to get it treated ASAP. Thank you, Sharon Osak

Lenawee County Michigan

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Hi Sharon,
Could this be the pine bark adelgid?


If it is the pine bark adelgid, it is a native insect and rarely harms the tree. If you desire treatment, there are several options laid out in the articles. If the tree is small enough, I would recommend one of the horticultural oils as you can achieve full coverage.
If you do NOT think this is the adelgid, please let me know! And if possible, take a few more pictures closer up for further identification.

Thank you,