Codling moth infestation of apple tree

Asked June 16, 2020, 4:18 PM EDT

Hi there, I'm wondering if you could help me find an organic pesticide for coddling moths on/in my apple tree. There's lot of different methods online, but they're all dependent on knowing what phase your tree is in. Which I don't know. Since you're in Oregon, can you give any insight or advice on how to help my apples not have moth larvae?

Marion County Oregon

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For one or two trees, exclusion of codling moth larvae is potentially a useful strategy. This would involve individually bagging fruit in protective material such as "Fruit Sox":

There are a few organic materials available to homeowners for management. These are spinosad (bacterially-derived toxin), surround (kaolin clay particle coating), and oils (canola or mineral-most effective against eggs).

More important than the stage of the tree is the stage of the insect and it sounds like you have read up on how trap captures can be used to estimate this to time codling moth management. Currently we are more than half way through the egg emergence period, so many fruit will already have been attacked. The good news is that you could thin off the infested fruit and still manage the second generation of moths, beginning in late July or early August. Traps are useful to determine when the moths are flying and can help you time treatments if not using the phenology model.

A resource that may be of interest: