Yew turning brown

Asked June 16, 2020, 2:59 PM EDT

I'm told the plant in this picture is a yew. Although it is well-established, it started turning brown this spring. It is not near a roadway, so deicing isn't the issue. No sign of insects. I know we had a lot of rain this year but in other rainy years the plant was not adversely affected. How can I diagnose the problem?

Montgomery County Maryland

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Yews do like to sit in moist soil. It's possible that the soil has settled or the grade has changed so that your yew is getting more water than it used to.
We did not notice a disease or insect problem in the photos you sent. One thing you can do is test the soil. Yews prefer a more alkaline soil perhaps over the years the pH of the soil has dropped.
The following is the link to our soil testing information,