Zucchini and cucumber garden bed

Asked June 16, 2020, 2:50 PM EDT

Hello! I noticed my zucchini’s aren’t as big and plentiful as my fathers and mother in laws (we all planted at the same time. I ordered a $20 water meter that also tests PH levels. I’ve fertilized my garden already with Alaskan fish fertilizer. I’m not sure what else I can do to help them or if the PH level is even bad. Let me know!

Jackson County Oregon

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Your pH looks excellent--around 6.0 if I am reading correctly. Almost all vegetables, with the exception of asparagus, prefer a slightly acid soil. 6.0 is perfect and we wouldn't want you to try to change things. As for the moisture--it is reading rather dry. Zucchini can have fairly long roots and as you are undoubtedly aware, the stronger the roots, the bigger and more productive the plant. We;d up the watering time or amount. Fertilizers take time to become active in the soil. You might try a moderate dose of foliar feeding. You can use heavily diluted fish emulsion, compost tea, or a commercial product designed for foliar feeding. Spray the plant in early morning so it dries off before the sun gets hot. The advantage of foliar feeding is that the plant puts the Nitrogen content to use rapidly. About the "contest" with your in-laws: you may have planted on the same day, but the same variety? We have had lousy weather for squash the last month; do they also live here and have the same rainfall, exposure to sun, soil type, etc. Any of these things can vary, even slightly, and it will affect the quality of the product. Even pollination, which is very important in squash (male flower to female flower carried by bees, etc.) can affect the number of squash produced. Give yourself some credit for what you have accomplished: gardening is all about enjoyment, not necessarily a contest.