Variance question

Asked June 16, 2020, 1:13 PM EDT

I currently have a variance to operate a boarding kennel for dogs on an agriculturally zoned property and have been in operation for the past past 23 years. We received the variance in 1997 to operate the kennel on a horse farm we had purchased. My question is this... I would like to expand my business and build a new pet resort (kennel) on the property. Do I have to obtain a new variance in able to do this or is my current variance good enough??
Thanks in advance for any help....

Snyder County Pennsylvania

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There may be a number of items that may apply. What “relief” from the ordinance was covered in your original variance? Has the zoning ordinance changed since the time of your variance for the area in which you are located? You should check with your local zoning officer to get a determination as to the municipal interpretation for any current requirement.