Mice in Vegetable / Flower Garden

Asked June 16, 2020, 12:40 PM EDT

Hello! I have a garden composed of raised beds with a fence surrounding it. I put the fence in due to rabbits, deer, and woodchucks on our property. This year I have noticed something (I believe mice) eating my seedlings and seeds and small vegetable plants. I became suspicious when most of the seeds I planted didn't come up - when I looked closer I saw that they did come up but only a tiny stem remained. I also noticed a tip of a small summer squash was eaten and leaves off of green bean plants. I know they've been in the garden when I go out in the morning and see the soil was disrupted. I also noticed a small hole this morning. What would be the best way to get rid of them?

Ottawa County Michigan

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Thank you for your question. You could be seeing multiple pests. Birds, squirrels, chipmunks, various insects, voles , mice, etc. can cause havoc even in fenced gardens. Squirrels and chipmunks can upset plants and dig. Cut worms can cut plants off at the soil level, and caterpillars can destroy leaves. Birds can pull up plants and dig for insects. In your case mice or voles are most likely. Snap traps and/or repellents are your primary defense. Check out the following links:
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