Leaf Issues

Asked June 16, 2020, 11:33 AM EDT

Hi! I have some problems with my leaves on my Amelanchier and my Cercis Forest Pansy! I was hoping you might know the issue or could point me in the correct direction

District of Columbia County District of Columbia

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The Amelanchier foliage appears to be in fairly good condition and its minor damage looks largely cosmetic (not serious, just unsightly). Its cause is difficult to determine, as it resembles physical damage (perhaps from storm winds) or an inconsequential leaf-spotting infection. While they can contract more prevalent ailments like rust fungal disease and leaf-feeding pest lace bug, we see neither on the leaves in the photo. Nothing needs to be done, though you can monitor the plant for water needs now that we're in summer and dry spells are not uncommon.

The cause of the Cercis damage is also difficult to determine, though it too looks minor and cosmetic. Leaf-infecting fungi such as anthracnose diseases and early-season leaf-feeding insects (like leafminers) are not uncommon, and damage wanes as we move into summer and the trees put out more new growth. Damaged tissues tend to dry out as they age, and such brittle patches often fall away, leaving hole and missing sectors of leaf. Redbud leaf edges can scorch if the plant isn't adequately hydrated, but use caution when watering as they don't want to be saturated consistenly. (Serviceberry is more tolerant of wetter soils.) At present, we do not have any recommended treatments as the plant should outgrow the damage.