Blue and black beetle

Asked June 16, 2020, 8:56 AM EDT

We have hundreds of these beetles underneath a willow and maple tree. I don't know what they are or if they are causing damage but they are all over everything.

Oakland County Michigan

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Hello. These might be a flea beetle but I am unable to get a clear picture of the insect from your photo. If you could catch one and put it on paper towel with a dime next to it for size comparison that would be very helpful.

Here you go...they don't move much...I haven't seen one fly or hop. They just crawl around all over everything in that area. I'd love to discourage them from where the area where they are is where our outdoor table sits.

I took a closer look last night when I was watering. These bugs do seem to be feasting on the willow tree. There are a few on the maple but that's probably more of a proximity issue. I looked up beetles attracted to willow trees and they mentioned the willow leaf beetle. Do you think this might be it?

Hi. Thanks for taking a closer look and passing on the info! It is helpful. I am glad you have narrowed it down to the willow tree-are you seeing holes in the leaves that indicate munching? This has been a difficult one to ID - I also looked at this insect and some weevils but the photo was not clear enough to make me confident. Flea beetles are usually on vegetables and I was going to ask if you grow mint, wondering about that insect. The willow leaf beetle should not harm the tree but you can consult with a certified tree arborist in your area for control since the insects are in your living area. A willow is usually too large for a home owner to treat effectively. The ISA website is Good luck and thanks for problem solving with me.