Honeycrisp apples with spots

Asked June 16, 2020, 7:52 AM EDT

We live in Morgan MN and have about 10 honeycrisp apple trees. We bought this house last year and had a very large crop of honeycrisp apples that all had spots either inside or outside the apple. The apples this year are about the size of large marbles. This new crop also has spots. Small brown spots. We sprayed with Garden Safe Fungicide 3. Will this cure problem or what can we do to have good crop.
Thank you. Al Picha

Redwood County Minnesota

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The most serious problem with apples in Minnesota is the apple maggot. My guess is that is what you had last year, and you may be again having it this year, although it is a bit early and there are other insect pests (plum curculio and coddling moth) out there. Fungicides might be effective against apple scab, another problem with apple trees, but won't do anything about apple maggots.

You should be aware that growing clean apples in Minnesota is challenging, since there are many pests that have to be managed. Read here: