can you identify these insect grubs

Asked June 15, 2020, 1:00 PM EDT

We brought horse manure from a farm and found these grubs. We've gotten manure from the same place several times but this is the first times we found grubs. Horseflies? They're on a childs blue shovel in one picture.. Any danger to vegetable garden or people? Cicadas?

Howard County Maryland

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Grubs are the larvae of beetles. So, no, these will not turn into horseflies or cicadas.

They appear to be large, which means they should turn into beetles fairly soon and will not be doing a lot of chewing before that since they are about full-grown (should you want to work the manure into a vegetable garden, it's okay).

We don't know exactly what they will become, but doubt they will be a vegetable garden pest. Certainly not a danger to people. You can remove any more that you see and toss them where birds can spot and eat them.