Brown leaves on arborvitae

Asked June 14, 2020, 3:57 PM EDT

Hi! I have a row of arborvitaes & one of them has branches that have turned brown & fallen off. I’ve had small little sections of branches turn brown in the past (which I just consider normal) but nothing on this big of a scale. I was going to prune away the dying brown branches but then I noticed that it appears that it is trying to regrow new branches as evidenced by the new growth in one of the pictures. The evergreen has been in the ground since 2011. What is it? Should I trim it all off or leave it & it will regrow itself? Thanking you in advance!

Berrien County Michigan

1 Response

Hello. These look like healthy shrubs! It is possible that it experienced winter damage that has caused the browning. As far as pruning it does look like new growth is happening so it would be best to leave it for now. No new growth happens if you prune back to where the stem is woody. I hope this helps.