Apple tree cross pollination

Asked June 14, 2020, 1:03 PM EDT

I wanted to get 2 apple trees for cross pollination and had researched and picked out Haralson (late season) and Frostbite (late season) which I know would cross well. I was talked into Prarie Magic (mid season) instead of Frostbite and am now curious if it will pollinate as well with the Haralson? I don't want to chance it several years down the road that they don't do well. Will they pollinate well? I'm in the icebox of zone 3 so cold hardiness is a big concern. Secondly, if I were to add a Frostbite would all the trees do even better with pollination?

Hubbard County Minnesota

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Crab apple trees work well as pollinators and there is almost always one close enough off the tree is in the city. If one is blocks away from flowering crab then 2 trees are needed. As to having 3 trees 3 is better than 2 especially since flowering times are different. For the acceptable results pollinators must bloom at the same time.