Is this poison ivy?

Asked June 14, 2020, 12:13 PM EDT

Hi, for some reason lots of this plant arrived in my backyard this year. For a while I thought it was poison ivy with the three leaves, alternating branches, and berries. But a few of the leaves are growing a small fourth leaf. Do you know what this is? Can't find it anywhere on the internet. Thanks,

Baltimore County Maryland

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This may be white avens (Geum canadense). Here are a lot of photos from Maryland Biodiversity Project:

This plant changes its appearance tremendously from its first year to when it produces seeds the next year, so scroll down until you see the three-leaved phase.

If this doesn't look right, you mentioned berries. If you provided photos of flowers and/or berries, what would be helpful.


Hi Ellen, I don't know about it being white avens. Do these pictures help?


Thank you for the additional photos, which rule out white avens. This plant is Canadian honewort (Cryptotaenia canadensis). It is native to Maryland and the eastern half of North America. Here is a page with more information about this species.