bird nest in my water softener

Asked June 13, 2020, 8:18 PM EDT

I have a very cute bird nesting in my water softener which is outside. Therefore, the water softener is not working. I try to keep my yard as natural as possible (native plants and no pesticides) to attract wildlife. I don't want to disturb the bird and am fine with hard water. My husband wants to take the nest out and fix the softener. I have a two part question-if we leave things alone is it safe for us and the house and the bird? Would the bird be ok if we move nest? Thanks so much

Pasco County Florida

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Hi, you could move the nest if there are no eggs present, but the minute eggs appear, you will not be able to touch it until after the young are raised and everyone leaves the nest. The bird may try to rebuild the nest in the same location so you will need to block off the area so you don't experience the problem again.