Road end on great lakes

Asked June 13, 2020, 4:10 PM EDT

We have a voluntary association for our subdivision that has started putting up barriers at the road ends. I would like to use the road ends to launch a water craft. However the barriers only allow foot traffic. Do they have the right to control the water access. It is a road that is perpendicular to Lake Huron. I asked the”association’s” president if they have a deed to the land. She said no. Again I am not a member to the association and I believe it’s just a bunch of people who live near the public access that are trying to decide who they deem worthy of using the public land near their land. Thank Dan

Iosco County Michigan

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Thank you for your question. This will most likely depend on whether the right of way is public or private. If it is private, meaning it is owned and maintained by the Homeowners Association, restrictions are usually enforced by the governing association. Here is a resource on that:

If it is public, an important factor is whether the road is parallel or perpendicular to the water. If perpendicular, as in your case, public access is generally permitted for "reasonable use". That use may include launching a boat so long as the topography will allow without causing harm to the water resource or nuisance, .

To get more information, see about deeds, and determine your course of action, you may want to check with the road commission and/or the County Register of Deeds. Good luck!