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Asked June 12, 2020, 3:37 PM EDT

Can you recommend a landscape designer/company that provides eco/environmentally friendly designs and can create such a thing? Looking to do a front yard re-do and want to include rain garden(s), native plants, permeable driveway/walkway, etc. Striking out with some of my local companies that aren't even returning messages!! I'm in Oakland County (West Bloomfield). Thank you.

Oakland County Michigan

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I’m sorry MSU Extension does not make recommendations of retailers or brands.
I can give you some resources that might help with your project. The Michigan native plant producers Association has lists of members you can contact and they may be able to recommend people in your area.
The association of professional gardeners has lists of members by county -
Perhaps you could work with a landscape architect to manage your whole project.
Check local publications, such as Michigan Gardener magazine and newspapers for local advertisers that focus on native plants and eco design-

During the Covid restrictions there will be some delays, I suspect, and those who have returned to work are probably quite booked..
An Internet search on “ permeable hardscape”, installing rain gardens” and “native plant landscapes” may help you build lists of contacts.
We here at Extension are an educational service and can provide you with a number of those resources, for example::

Pervious pavements are still being researched and may have some concerns in northern installations that experience freeze thaw cycles and use of de- icing chemicals. Here is one study-
I hope this has been some help to you.