My dwarf cherry tree is ill

Asked June 12, 2020, 12:00 PM EDT

My cherry has a beautiful canopy of leaves this year. With closer examination, the bark has whitish patches, I think it is leichen. At first I thought it was bird droppings but it’s not. In addition to that it has cracks and the sticky sap is leaking out in several places, another sign that it’s under stress. The tree is only about 5-6 years old. We treated it last year for powdery mildew. There is the start of a swelling low on the trunk, and what appear to be lesions or cankers. There is also a raised bark circle on the lower part of the trunk near ground level. Including pics below, sure wish they’d allow a few more pics. Please help!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Wood rot fungus is present. The trunk appears to have been damaged in the past and the wound probably provided an opening for the fungus.

The following document discusses wood rot fungi and what to do about it:

Wood rot doesn't kill trees outright. Some that are affected live for many years. However, asking a certified arborist to inspect the tree onsite is the best way to assess its prospects.