how to get rid of invasive "Chameleon Ivy" in our backyard ?

Asked June 12, 2020, 9:07 AM EDT

We recently bought a condo, and found to our dismay that the previous owner had planted an invasive species called "Chameleon Ivy" in several of the landscape beds. We have spent literally hundreds of hours digging out the long white rhizomes, to no avail. We have sprayed the leaves of the Chameleon Ivy with various types of weedkiller. We have even gone so far as to coat the leaves of each plant with ROUNDUP..... with little or no effect. This plant seems like a scourge from hell that is completely unkillable. Please let me know what chemical is capable of stopping this plant ! Any help will be greatly appreciated ! thanks ~Bill

Kent County Michigan

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You have inherited a nightmare indeed. There is no herbicide that will be once and done. Some have had limited success using full strength glyhosate (Roundup) or Poison Ivy Killer with triclopyr but herbicides do not travel far enough in the long runners and it will re-emerge. Hand digging is the only way to exercise some control by removing ALL root material. Just a small broken piece of that root material will re sprout, likely a battle you will be fighting for years to come. You can read similar war stories from others at this link:

Sorry but good luck!