Tree leaves sagging

Asked June 12, 2020, 5:40 AM EDT

I planted a tree last year and I’m pretty sure it went into transplant shock. I checked through out the year (scratch the branch -it was still green and bend the branch -it did not break) this year it started to bud and everything look good but now (June) all the leaves look wilted and saggy and yellowish . What could be the reason and what can I do to help it? Thank u

New York County New York

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Sorry to hear about this problem. While it is possible that there is a disease involved, it sounds more like a problem with the original planting conditions -- soil pH not correct, soil not draining well, siting not a good match for the type of tree, too much or too little water, poor soil. The plant may also have come to you in an unhealthy condition if it did not come from reputable nursery or traveled a long distance.

To offer advice on improvements, we will need to know what type of tree it is, information about where and how it was planted and see a photo of the leaf issue. I hope we will be able to help.

I do not recall the type of tree I can try and find a receipt. But here are some pictures..

Could it be a Cercis canadensis (American redbud)? It does look stressed!

Have you applied any lawn fertilizer with or without weed killer that could have drifted onto the roots of the tree? That would cause this sort of general distress. Otherwise, the soil or planting is the most likely culprit. It has the look of a plant that is getting too much water, possibly because the soil is too compacted to drain freely or there is something else keeping its "feet" wet. Lawn sprinkling?