redbud tree

Asked June 11, 2020, 5:02 PM EDT

I bought a Redbud tree last year and it bloomed this spring. leaves started to look good, then one morning they were all shrivelled as though no water.Googled it said verticilliom wilt - may die . nothing can be done. stays in soil for 4 years! botryoaeriais (sp?) and other diseases but no explanation as to how to diagnose which problem. The only other clue is that last year it had gluey sap on trunk, but didn't seem to bother it. Should I dig out the soil and dispose of it, replacing? Any help would be appreciated.

Macomb County Michigan

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Verticilium wilt can only be diagnosed in a lab. Your description of tree decline could be due to wilt, another pathogen, or a girdling root.

The sap emission from the trunk is a symptom of a canker-causing fungi that grows in the bark and causes trees to wilt. As a precaution, I would avoid planting in the same spot unless you select a variety of tree that is resistant to verticilium wilt. These include These include all conifers, crabapple, beech, ginkgo, hackberry, hawthorn, hickory, white oak, mountain ash, pear and poplar.